Best Digital Meat Thermometer

Top 10 BEST Digital Meat Thermometers

Buy one of the best meat thermometers for home cooking with our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about thermometers.

Take the guesswork out of roasting turkey, chicken, beef, pork, whatever you want to cook in the oven.

Never overcook or under cook your meat again!

Using a meat thermometer insures you that your food will be cooked to the proper temperature, resulting in juicy, tender cuts of meat every time.

Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer SetMaverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set – Maverick ET73

As the name implies this is a barbecue thermometer. But, it also can be used in the oven or on the grill. So it is multifunctional, which is nice.

Why have two thermometers? One for the smoker or grill and one for the oven, when just one won’t do!

Temperature range 14 to 410 F. F/C Switchable.

The Maverick ET73 monitors food up to 100 feet away. A large LCD screen displays temperature and will beep when temp goes above or below programmed temperature.

Can use timer and temperature mode separately or simultaneously.

One probe monitors the smoking chamber temperature and the other probe monitors the food.

If you are cooking in an oven, of course you won’t need to monitor the oven temp, but you can if you want to make sure the oven works correctly.

The thermometer is very easy to use with detailed instructions.

Probe is 6 inches long along with 36 inch stainless braided cable. The 2 inch probe (to monitor the chamber or oven) has a 324 inch long stainless steel braided cable.

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Both probes are detachable. Replacement probes are available.

Oregon Scientific AW131

Oregon Scientific AW131The Oregon Scientific is a talking, wireless thermometer. It can transmit up to 330 feet away.

This makes it a great choice for the vision impaired, or even the blind.

With a temperature range of 32 to 572 F makes it the perfect oven barbecue thermometer.

F/C switchable with an automatic temperature converter.

6 inch stainless steel probe and 40 inch braided cord is detachable.

The talking wireless thermometer speaks 5 languages, and you can program 8 entrees, with 4 doneness selections.

It beeps 4 times when the food is done. Has up/down timer.

Maverick ET732

Maverick ET732The Maverick ET732 is our pick for the best meat thermometer.

Don’t let the name fool you, this thermometer is perfectly suitable to use in the oven. In fact, I use mine more indoors than out on the grill.

The opposite can be said of my husband, he is the BBQ’r. The Maverick has great features to please everyone.

Monitor your temperature up to 300 feet away. Receiver beeps when temp goes above your programmed temperature.

Count up/down timer.

Temperature range 32 to 572F. Switchable C/F.

Replacement probes available.

Cook in temperature mode or Time mode, you can use both simultaneously.

Unit can be used in smoker, grill and oven. You can even use it to make beer.

Unit is also available in limited edition model which has the same features except it is in black color.

Maverick ET-7 Wireless Thermometer

Maverick ET-7 Wireless ThermometerThis is a great thermometer to use if you need to monitor 2 foods you are cooking at the same time, like during the holidays.

Program for type of meat and how you want it done, such as rare, medium, well etc…It will display the proper temperature for the food, but also gives you the option of changing the temperature simply by pressing a button.

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Place the probe into the meat, and close the door.

The alarm will sound once the temperature has been reached.

The transmitter sends a signal to the pager letting you know it is done up to 75 feet away.

The unit has 2 stainless steel probes and braided cable 40 inches long.

Switchable F/C.


ThermoworksMade by Thermoworks, this is an extremely easy to use thermometer.

Simply insert the probe into your food, close oven door, set temp or time or both!

The probe is made of braided stainless steel and can be closed in the oven door.

Place the unit on a counter or you can stick it to the oven door as its magnetic.

Once the food as reached set temperature between 32 F to 392, an alarm sounds to let you know its done.

The thermometer has a countdown timer, and you can use the timer and thermometer simultaneously, or separately.

C/F switchable.

Probe cable can withstand temp up to 500 for a short term basis, such as for browning meat.

Replacement probes are available TW360XX.

They are very reasonably priced and it may be a good idea to keep a spare handy.

Taylor 1470 Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer

Taylor 1470 Digital Cooking ThermometerTaylor digital cooking thermometer/Timer folds flat for storage and has magnets on back to connect to stove front or on the counter when in use.

On/off switch. 332 to 392 F range.

Easy to program.

6 inch stainless steel probe on a 4 foot cable allows plenty of wiggle room.

Large LCD Display for easy viewing.

Alarm signals when done.

Oregon Scientific AW129

Oregon Scientific AW129Very easy to use wireless thermometer can be used on the grill or in the oven.

Temperature range is 0 to 392F.

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Switchable Fahrenheit/Celsius F/C. Stainless steel probe 3.28 feet.

Measurement includes cable. LCD Display.

Entree programs allow you to select type of meat your are cooking and 4 doneness selections.

Out of range alert.

The thermometer signals you when your food have reached its programmed temperature.

Polder Digital In-Oven Thermometer

Polder Digital In-Oven ThermometerThe Polder digital In oven Thermometer is a very easy thermometer to use.

Simply insert the extra long 43″ probe into the food you are cooking , and either set a time or temperature.

When either has been reached, an alarm will go off letting you know your food is done.

The temperature range is 32 to 392 F, and is switchable from Fahrenheit to Centigrade.

F/C. A memory feature saves the last temperature taken.

CDN Digital Programmable Probe Thermometer

CDN Digital Programmable Probe ThermometerGreat High Heat Thermometer is not only great for cooking in the oven, but because of its high heat capability, it’s good for candy making, barbecue smoking and deep frying.

Measures temps from 32 to 482 Switchable F/C. 24 hour count up/down timer.

Preprogrammed and programmable setting for perfect results every time. 5.5 inch stainless Steel probe and 3 foot cable gives you plenty of wiggle room.

Instant readout of internal temperature during cooking for any food, even some yummy home made sausage.

Alarm signals when done.

AcuRite 03168 Thermometer with Pager

AcuRite 03168 Thermometer with PagerThis wireless thermometer allows you to monitor your food up to 100 feet away, and the pages signals you to let you know your food has reached the programmed temperature.

Easy to use and nice LCD display, gives instant readout of food temperature as it cooks.

3 Foot stainless steel cord and probe can withstand temps up to 600F.

Has timer and clock.

AcuRite 03368 high heat thermometer can also be used for grilling, frying ovens and smokers.

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